Alternate Uses Of Lime Plaster

It is important for houses in Cambridgeshire to ensure proper plastering. It not only helps in sustaining the walls for a long time but also helps in preparing them for decorations and renovations. This is why Lime Plastering in Cambridgeshire is considered one of the most preferred methods. It allows more breath ability to the walls which allows throwing away any excess moisture absorbed.

Lime plaster also provides a great degree of flexibility to the walls which prevents them from cracking away against the slightest of heavy motions. Here are some of the alternative ways lime plaster can be used.

Upgrading stairs

Plastering can very well be used in the upgrade process for staircases. They provide a smooth and shiny finish for the stair surfaces. It can provide an overall European or Greek style of grandeur to the stairs. Using lime on the stairs alongside the walls can bring an overall uniformity in the internal decoration of the walls.

Small renovations

Lime plaster can also be used in renovating some of the smaller features of the walls. These can be items like stove hoods and chimney exteriors. They can give an almost new and iconic texture. It can provide these objects a more aesthetic look. Also, using lime plaster can prevent rust and other damages as an added benefit.

Stone applications

One can also use lime plasters for stone decorations in the house. It can be applied to stone walls and pathways to provide a thematic floor setting in various home décor styles.