Best Concealer Tips: Choosing the Right Brush

Girls love makeup and can’t get enough of it. In the beauty world, make up brushes make a huge difference. They come in variety of shapes and sizes, but only a right perfect brush will help you look flawless, amazing and beautiful.

girl with makeup brush

How to find the right concealer?

A good concealer can be very useful when it comes to perfecting the base and disguising problems like dark spots, pimples etc.

Use these tips to choose the right concealer for your skin:

Dark Circles

When choosing your concealer, consider your skin tone and choose a lighter shade than your skin. A cream, liquid waterproof concealer would give a perfect bright toned look to the eye area.


Go for a concealer that comes in a stick or a pot form.


A liquid concealer will help your hiding all your blotches.

Tips for choosing a concealer brush by :

Fine bristles or synthetic bristles concealer brushes would be the right choice for a seamless application of concealer. According to our research, bare minerals concealer brush is just perfect and uniquely designed to use with foundation and concealer for a seamless look.

The short handle brush will give perfect accuracy and excellent controllability as they’re easy to use. You can use long handles brushes, if you’re confident enough.

As mentioned, brushes come in varieties of shapes i.e. thick, rounder, smaller. Thick brushes would be practical if you’re in hurry. If you’ve enough time before your event, thin brush will help you getting a look you desire.

Never compromise with your beauty, a perfect high-quality brush will help you hide all your imperfections and make you look tempting.